By instructing an account to be actioned, it is seen that you are aware and agree to our company conditions and fee agreed at point of placement.

* Once a debt has been instructed for collection, Glenwood are permitted to collect these monies on behalf of the client. This will be a binding agreement between both parties.

* All collections are on a no win no fee basis excluding ancillary services, if your account director feels it is prudent they will seek authorisation before proceeding with any such action.

* Glenwood will not be held accountable for any indirect actions made by the client. If these actions hinder our ability to collect, we reserve the right to fee accordingly.

* Clients cannot use the Glenwood name nor copy them to any email or other communication if they have not formally been instructed to collect said debt/retention.

* Any rate agreed at point of instruction will be on the gross figure collected.

* Payment terms are 7 days from date of invoice, if this is not convenient please speak with your account director.

Yours faithfully,

Steven Murray

Business Development Director

For and on behalf of Glenwood Construction Debt Recovery

Instruction Procedure

Please email your nominated Account Director copies of invoices, valuations & any accompanying paperwork.  For bulk claims, we can accept files in just about any format.

If after all activity, we have been unsuccessful in recovering payment from the debtor we will return the account after 180 days.

Legal action can be initiated by us on a case by case basis.  All costs are payable by client.  There is no management fee for this service.

When a debtor makes a payment, email notification is required to your Account Director as soon as possible to ensure we have the correct balance.  Where full payment has been made, we must immediately cease all recovery action.




London Site Services Ltd


“Glenwood were recommended to me for their good track record and ability to do the job to the highest standard with top class results, not only was my case an unusual one and personally quite emotional, it was also too difficult for me to deal with on my own as I had no time available to me due to financially forced working commitments.

Glenwood were extremely supportive and was always at hand to provide valuable advice and assist me in dealing with everything that I needed to do to see my case through to conclusion.

I would not hesitate in recommending Paul’s firm, Glenwood, to anyone that finds themselves in the unfortunate position of being owed money in the construction industry.”


London Site Services Ltd
Steel Fixing Contractor

May 22, 2015

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